My name is Anita Marijanov and I am the owner of  Siberian husky kennel, it is registered on my name but whole my family joined the growing. With our great love for dogs are Persian cats too.
My first dog that I had back in my youth and that was just my pet, it was my puppy (2 month) beautiful yellow-white, was called Lea and she was mixed Siberian Husky, which I unfortunately lost very early, but the 4month old, due to illness, which she inherited from her mother. Although the loss was not trying to stop me again go looking for this breed. Since I wanted a dog for a pet so I did not even think about pedigree. After several years gave me the chance to get back siberians, of course it should not miss, and so is our home 15.09.2005., with no full 3 month come a beautiful black and white female, but the joy was not the end because I am with my little female "received" and her pedigree. Since then I have not even been addressed in kinology, so I had no idea that my girl Saloma comes from one successful siberian huskies kennel "Siberian Lady". Since the parents already had a successful and excellent genes, we decided to report to the first exhibition. It was the CAC-Vukovar 07.05.2006., which has received only a great score, but it was enough for us to continue. With each subsequent exhibition I was more pleased with the results achieved that, and so we decided to obtain and males. At the end of 06.2006. we are imported one male-Akiko- from Serbia, from kennel "of House Teodorović", he was already about 20 months old, but we did just that and should. Shortly afterwards there was a desire for our own breeding, so we have established our Siberian husky kennel
Our dogs are so far in this short time since we are dealing kinology achieved outstanding results not only in Croatia but also abroad, and hope that our success will not miss any further breeding.


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