Havasfalka Szépe Zeck


Born : 11.11.2010.

Sex : male

Color: white

Eye color : brown

Breeding Licence : yes

Hips : HD-A
















Pedigree :

Text Box: Huricane Gin Fizz
Text Box: Innisfree Huricane Vana 
Text Box: Innisfree Eleana 
Text Box: Innisfree Northface 
Text Box: Innisfree Shades of Sienna
Text Box: Faithful Wolf of Igloo
Text Box: Dinasty D Ricky Rick
Text Box: Dinasty D Pretty Pegean
Text Box: Big Foot Flower Power
Text Box: Artegion-Jac Hero of Big Foot
Text Box: Big Foot Good Morning “LLeila”
Text Box: Faithful Wolf of Igloo
Text Box: Innisfree Akela 
Text Box: Innisfree Patrolman
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